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Scripps Medical Mission to China 2014

In July of 2015 Dr. Coufal participated with a multidisciplinary team of Scripps physicians and nurses as part of a medical mission to China. This was the second consecutive year that Dr. Coufal contributed neurosurgical expertise to the mission. Lectures and talks were given in both Yuncheng (Shanxi Province) as well as Shanghai. Charity neurosurgical procedures were all performed at Yuncheng Central Hospital (Shanxi Province). This year a wide variety of brain and spinal cord tumor operations were undertaken. These included surgical resection of glioblastomas, meningiomas, recurrent oligodendroglioma, dermoid cyst of the conus, and spinal cord ependymoma! Dr. Coufal again spoke at length about the concept of the American Comprehensive Stroke Center and how efficient stroke treatment protocols might be expanded to China. He also gave a new lecture to the entire staff of Yuncheng Central Hospital on the topic of state-of-the-art neurosurgical management of traumatic brain injury.

This year Dr. Coufal and the entire Scripps team were most appreciative of donations of surgical equipment by Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. A CUSA (cavitating ultrasonic aspirator)- critical for the performance of select brain tumor operations – was kindly provided as well by Integra, Inc.

China Trip 2014 (Rollover an image to view larger)